Semion This is a mate's band and worth checking out.

The Surfing Brides A band that I have followed for over ten years. I recommend going seeing them live if you can.

Les Hommes Responsables This is a mate's band, a hommage to French pop.

mp3unsigned Sometimes you need something different to listen to and this may be it. See if you can spot the next big thing!


Angry Alien This site has bite size flash bunny versions of some of the more famous films. Just the thing when the boss is out of view of your monitor.

Java and Reference

Java Ranch A good source of Java references informally laid out. The mock exams are good for anyone preparing for Sun Certification.

Fluffy Cat Another well laid out code reference source.


Southern Sports Motorcycle Club This is the motorcycle club I am a member of. It has two main facets; firstly it is a social club organising events such a ride-outs and pub evenings and secondly it runs a training scheme. The club is based in the West/South West London and is worth checking out.

OINK Media This is the company that hosts this website. I have had no complaints, they are helpful and competent. I do recommend them.

Gallery 2 I use this software to organise and display my photos. It is well supported via forum and has more features than the normal home user requires. It has my recommendation.

This is a list of some of the bookmarks I tend to add to any browser I end up working on for any period of time.
Please contact me if I need to update/remove or add to this list of links.